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Jews in Poland - Ones of us or strangers?

          The history of the Jewish presence in Poland began 800 years ago. After the expulsion of the Jews from the most of the West European cities and towns, they found there a peaceful harbour. There were favourable conditions there for the development of the Ashkenazi (the Jews settled in Central-Eastern Europe) culture, which substantially contributed to the culture of the multinational Commonwealth (First Republic). In the course of time the Jews, more and more attached to their new homeland, became its inseparable element.
          Until recently it would have been impossible even to imagine any Polish city or town without brisk and noticeable Jewish community, distinguished by their behaviour, outfit, language and religion. In spite od the tragic experiences during the Holocaust and the post-war period, the Jewish community in Poland still exists, cultivating their tradition and religion.
          The exhibition presents various aspects of many centuries of the Polish Jews's history. Reveals the lost world and raises difficult issues of the Polish-Jewish relations.

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